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How Can I Save Money on a New HVAC System?

HVAC System

For most home and business owners in Eclectic, AL, purchasing air conditioning or heating equipment requires a significant investment. When the right product is chosen and properly installed, however, a new HVAC system can pay for itself through savings on monthly energy bills. Today’s high-efficiency systems offer better indoor comfort than ever before as well. The experts at Air Conditioning by Luquire are pleased to offer these tips for choosing a cost-effective new heating or cooling system.

Size It Right

Nothing impairs the energy efficiency of new HVAC system more than an improperly sized installation. An oversized system not only wastes energy and your money but because it tends to cycle on and off frequently, can result in uncomfortable temperature shifts as well. Short-cycle operation also doesn’t give the equipment time to lower humidity levels and can leave living spaces feeling stuffy or clammy.

An undersized system will have to run longer to deliver the level of comfort that you expect. Continual operation causes undue wear and tear on system components, shortening the system’s service life. A reputable HVAC contractor never relies on guesswork when estimating system size but rather uses industry-established measurements and calculations to determine the ideal size.

Compare Energy Efficiency Ratings

When it comes to saving money on HVAC systems, energy efficiency is everything. Systems are rated by the amount of energy they consume over a season compared with their heating or cooling output over the same period. While the ratings used varies according to the type of equipment, generally, the higher the rating, the more efficient the product. Energy Star qualified products feature an Energy Guide label that lists energy efficiency comparisons and expected annual operating costs.

Explore Energy Efficient Features

Unlike their outdated counterparts, today’s efficient systems come with variable-speed operation features that allow them to run at top level only when heating and cooling demands are high. Instead of unpredictable blasts of cold or warm air, these high-tech systems deliver a gentle, even stream of comfort while conserving energy. Enhanced control systems feature options that let you control your indoor environment by zones and program the systems to operate at different temperatures when you’re away from home. When equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, you can even operate the controls remotely from your Internet-enabled devices.

A new heating or cooling system can keep a home or business in the Montgomery River Region comfortable for many years. Air Conditioning by Luquire can help you choose a product that saves money too. We can also inform you of current rebates and tax incentives to save big bucks. With 30 years of experience serving Montgomery, AL and the surrounding communities, we know which HVAC installations, repairs and services will save you money while ensuring that you enjoy the optimal level of comfort in your home.

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