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Why Is My Heat Pump Short-Cycling in Montgomery, AL?

Heat Pump

When it’s cold in Montgomery, AL, your heat pump will probably be turning on and off two to three times an hour to keep you comfortable. Each of these cycles should last between 10 and 15 minutes. Short-cycling is a sign that something is wrong with your heat pump. Here are a few possible explanations for why it happens.

Obstruction to Airflow

A clogged air filter that needs replacing, a blocked supply vent or dirt buildup in the ductwork can all restrict airflow, which overworks the heat pump and makes it liable to overheat. When heat pumps overheat, they will shut off prematurely as a safety measure.

Bad Electrical Connections

Over time, your wiring will get loose or corrode, and this can cause the system to lose power and shut down. Note that with regular maintenance, you could easily have these and other issues fixed. Old, loose connections are a fire hazard.

Thermostat Issues

You may want to clean your thermostat, replace its battery or have a professional calibrate it if your system is short-cycling. The reason is that a faulty thermostat may be misreading your indoor temperature. If it measures the temperature as being higher than it is, your heat pump will naturally shut off before you feel comfortable.

Oversized Heat Pump

The above-mentioned issues wouldn’t require a brand-new heating installation, but this last possibility will. Sometimes, installers don’t rightly consider a home’s size, its rate of heat loss and other factors that determine the size for a heat pump. One that’s too big will heat your home rapidly, unevenly and inefficiently.

Air Conditioning by Luquire can set you up for yearly maintenance here in Montgomery, so call today for details. Our maintenance plan boasts a number of benefits, including priority scheduling for service calls outside of the tune-up, a 20% repair discount and loyalty credits. Our experienced service technicians can service any make or model of heat pump.

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