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4 Energy-Efficient Appliances That Will Save You Money

Upgrade Your TV

Whether you’re in the market for new home electronics, updated kitchen appliances, or innovative HVAC components, choosing eco-friendly options can lower your costs in the long term. Find out how Tuskegee, Alabama, homeowners can save energy and money by investing in these four energy-efficient home appliances.


Upgrading your TV is a worthwhile investment that can take your family room, media room, or man cave to the next level. While it might seem like TVs just keep using more energy to power their advanced features, you can still buy one of the most cutting-edge models without turning your entertainment center into an energy hog.

To cut your costs, set your sights on an Energy Star-certified TV. On average, those with this certification use 25 percent less energy than conventional models. Even better, they don’t just save energy while you’re watching the big game. These TVs are also impressively efficient when they’re in sleep or idle mode, as they must use one watt or less in sleep mode. Even big-screen TVs with ultra-high-definition and smart features boast great energy efficiency ratings, which means you’ll save money on utility costs without sacrificing entertainment.

Heat Pumps

Over the course of the year, heating and cooling contribute to over 50 percent of your total household energy usage. That means when you’re looking to decrease your annual costs in a big way, you should focus on your HVAC system.

At Air Conditioning by Luquire, we recommend investing in a system with cutting-edge technology and innovative features, such as an Infinity 20 Heat Pump with Greenspeed Intelligence. This Energy Star-certified heat pump has an impressive 13 heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) rating and up to a 20.5 seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating, making it efficient during both the heating and cooling seasons. Thanks to its variable-speed compressor and Greenspeed intelligence, the Infinity 20 Heat Pump operates at a low, steady rate that leads to exceptional energy efficiency and welcomed savings on your utility bill.

If you’re considering a major heating and cooling change in 2017, we recommend installing a geothermal heat pump. You’ll typically recoup the costs in the form of energy savings in just five to 10 years. Since these highly energy-efficient systems last for up to 50 years, they’re a smart choice for many families.

Smart Thermostats

If you aren’t ready to make a major investment in your HVAC system this year, you can still decrease your heating and cooling costs substantially. Replace your old manual thermostat with a smart model that allows you to set an energy-efficient heating and cooling schedule, adjust temperature and indoor air quality settings from anywhere, and even track your energy usage.

Most Tuskegee households will benefit from installing a smart thermostat like the Infinity Remote Access Touch Control. This multifunctional control regulates temperature, humidity, airflow, and indoor air quality and even offers air filter reminders and system diagnostics. Connect it to your home’s WiFi network, and you’ll be able to turn the system off and on or adjust the temperature from your smartphone. Review the thermostat’s energy reports to ensure that you’re saving energy and money every month.


Replacing an old refrigerator with a new energy-efficient model means you’ll get the coolest features while making an eco-friendly change in your home. If your fridge is more than a decade old, it’s high time for an upgrade.

Make sure that any refrigerator you’re considering is the right size for your family, since overly large models will naturally use more energy than necessary. Opt for an Energy Star-certified refrigerator to keep your utility bills reliably low. When you choose the right model, you’ll benefit from nearly 10 percent increase in efficiency while saving over $250 in energy costs over the next five years.

This year, make saving energy and lowering your utility bill part of your daily routine. Give Air Conditioning by Luquire a call at 334-230-5870, and we’ll show you how to make your heating and cooling system as energy efficient as possible.

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