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Backflow Testing Services for Montgomery, AL and Surrounding Areas

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Protecting the water supply in your Montgomery, AL, home is critical to your family’s health and safety. Backflow occurs when contaminated water reverses the direction of its flow and enters your clean water supply. At Air Conditioning by Luquire, we aim to help customers feel as comfortable as possible in their homes. Our backflow testing service ensures you enjoy clean water around the clock without the risk of contamination.

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What’s Backflow Testing, and Why Does It Matter?

Backflow testing is an in-depth inspection of your plumbing system to assess and prevent the reversed flow of contaminated water into your home’s clean water supply. The process involves the evaluation of your backflow prevention devices, ensuring they function correctly to maintain the health and safety of your water supply. Here’s why you should schedule backflow testing for your Montgomery, AL, home periodically:

  • Prevent contaminants from entering your clean water supply.
  • Protect the health and safety of everyone in your household.
  • Comply with local water safety regulations and insurance requirements.

When You Should Schedule Backflow Testing Services

Scheduling regular backflow testing is vital to maintaining a contaminant-free water supply and enjoying peace of mind every time you turn on the faucet. You should schedule backflow testing for your Montgomery, AL, home in the following situations:

  • You’ve recently installed a new plumbing appliance.
  • Comply with local annual backflow testing mandates.
  • You’ve repaired or modified your plumbing system.
  • There’s been a sudden change in water pressure.
  • You’re upgrading or renovating your property.
  • You want peace of mind knowing your water is clean.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Backflow Testing

Hiring a certified plumbing professional is the only way to guarantee that backflow testing provides accurate results. Our plumbers have the knowledge and equipment to perform your backflow testing service. We’ll comply with regulations, identify issues promptly, document them in detail and report them immediately. We offer 24/7 emergency services and do all we can to exceed your expectations for service.

Don’t let contaminated water impact your family’s safety and quality of life. Contact Air Conditioning by Luquire to schedule backflow testing in Auburn, Millbrook, Montgomery, Prattville, Tallassee, Union Springs, Wetumpka or the surrounding area. You can depend on us to safeguard your home’s water supply from all possible health hazards.

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