Union Springs, AL

Union Springs, Alabama, offers small-town charm and a variety of activities. Located approximately 46 miles from Montgomery, Alabama, Union Springs is part of a three-state region known as the Black Belt. This region originally was named for a band of fertile, black soil that stretches more than 300 miles across the plains of central Alabama and northeastern Mississippi. It then extends a short distance into Georgia.


The land in and around Union Springs formerly belonged to the Creek Indians. After Alabama became a state, the tribes were forced to move off their lands, and settlers claimed their property.
Union Springs, named for its numerous springs, incorporated as a city in 1844. In 1866, the Alabama state legislature created Bullock County, with Union Springs as the county seat.
Although cotton is a top crop in and around Union Springs, a wide variety of fresh produce such as peas, corn, okra, tomatoes and sweet potatoes take the spotlight at local farmer’s markets.


Union Springs is only 522 feet above sea level. An area of 6.7 square miles lies within the city’s boundaries. Of this area, 6.6 square miles is land, and the rest is water. Because the land of Union Springs and the surrounding area is a fertile plain nourished by several springs, wildlife abounds.

Population & Demographics

The population of Union Springs has slowly increased since 2000. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city’s population that year was 3,670. The 2010 census showed a population of 3,980, a growth rate of 8.45 percent.
In 2010, there were 7,666 Black or African American persons living in Bullock County. Grouped according to race, those who entered their race as White totaled 2,507. Next in number was Hispanic or Latino, 777. More than 500 people marked their race as Some Other Race, and 86 selected Two or More Races. Fewer than 100 persons in all reported their race under one of the following headings: Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.


Union Springs earned its nickname as The Serendipity Center of the South for good reason. Visitors and residents alike find many ways to have fun or learn new things. Here are a few of the many possibilities:

  • Fish or hunt.
  • Hike or play in the area’s parks.
  • Learn about nature and the environment from Wehle Nature Center staff.
  • Attend a play at Union City’s Red Door Theatre.
  • Enjoy the Chunnenuggee Fair.
  • Go to one or more of the bird dog competitions known as field trials. Renowned as the Bird Dog Field Trial Capital of the World, Union Springs gained international fame due to these trials.
  • Tour the area’s many historical sites.
  • Look at a few of the older homes that are for sale.

Climate and Weather

Union City’s climate is subtropical. Summers are hot and humid. More rain falls during summer than winter, and thunderstorms are common. Winter temperatures average 45-50 degrees but sometimes drop below freezing. In summer, temperatures often stay above 70 degrees around the clock.

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