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Follow These 7 Home Comfort Tips to Help You Stay Cozy in the Winter

Home Comfort

It’s nice to snuggle under blankets when it’s cold outside. But keeping your Prattville, Alabama, home warm is important so that your family stays cozy and healthy. Besides turning up the heat, which raises your energy bill, there are several other ways to keep your house warm. Let’s look at seven things you can do to maintain home comfort and stay cozy this winter.

Adjust the Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans help to circulate air. During the warm months, they help to pull cool air that settles near the floor upwards, where it gets distributed by the moving fan blades. During the cold months, you can use the ceiling fans to help bring warm air that has risen down to a lower level to feel warmer. Switch the fan to run clockwise and the fan will push warm air downwards.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

One of the benefits of using a programmable thermostat is that you can set the temperature to adjust at different times of the day. Set the thermostat for a higher level before you get up in the morning so the house is pre-warmed. Once everyone leaves the house, set the temperature to lower when no one is there.

An hour before you come home, have the thermostat set to a comfortable temperature so the house is warm when you walk inside. If your plans change and you’re going to arrive home early, you can adjust the temperature remotely from your mobile device with the app that’s compatible with the smart thermostat.

Check the Attic Insulation

Hot air rises, and if there isn’t sufficient insulation or the insulation R-value isn’t right for your climate, you’ll lose warm air out the attic. Having the right amount and correct type of insulation is a huge factor in keeping your home warm. Hire a professional to check your attic insulation and to make sure it’s the right type and there’s enough of it.

Add a Whole-Home Humidifier

When the furnace is running, it dries out the air. Not only will your skin, eyes and sinuses feel dry, but you’ll also notice an increase in static electricity, which is potentially harmful to your electronics. Dry air also makes you feel colder. Adding a whole-home humidifier will add enough moisture back into the air to:

  • Eliminate static electricity.
  • Keep your wood furniture from cracking.
  • Keep your skin feeling moist.
  • Make your home feel warmer.

Let the Sunlight Inside

On cold, sunny days, open the drapes and let the sunshine inside. Solar energy and ultraviolet radiation pass through glass easily and can help to warm your house. As objects in the house absorb the sunlight, they radiate the heat into it. Take advantage of sunlight to help warm your house. Be sure to close the drapes again at night to keep the heat inside.

Seal Drafty Windows and Doors

Gaps and cracks around doors and windows allow cold outdoor air in and warm indoor air out. Walk around your house and feel for drafts around windows and doors. Once you have pinpointed where the cold air is coming from, seal the gaps. Add weatherstripping and caulk around the leaky doors and windows. If you have single-pane glass in your windows, you can buy plastic window coverings and install them. They help to keep the heat in and the cold out. In addition, adding heavy curtains can help retain indoor warm air and reduce cold air from entering.

Replace the Furnace Filter

Dirt and dust trapped in the air filters restrict airflow into the furnace. As a result, it has to work harder to deliver warm air into your home. If you notice that the furnace isn’t performing as efficiently as it should, change the filters and see if that helps. Be sure you have the right size filter for your furnace.

Give our friendly team at Air Conditioning by Luquire a call today to to discuss your heating needs. We’ll happy to help you stay cozy all winter long at a minimal cost.

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