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5 Heater Issues That Require Professional Attention

Repairing Heater Issues

As the temperatures decrease in Eclectic, AL, you’ll need to ensure your heating system is working properly. You know how erratic weather can be; it’s possible to experience extremely low temperatures when you least expect it. While not all heater issues are problematic, there are some that require a professional.

Odd Noises

If your heater is making unusual sounds, you should get concerned. Such sounds can come from anywhere, including faulty electrical or mechanical components.

Your heating system is a complex machine made up of many mechanical parts, such as gears, pulleys, motors, bolts, pumps, fans and electrical components. Some of these parts wear out as your heating system runs, causing undue stress on other parts.

When that happens, you may start hearing odd noises or sounds from the furnace. Call a professional immediately to get the issued fixed before it becomes catastrophic.

Inadequate Heating

If some rooms feel cooler than others, it’s possible the blower motor in your heating system isn’t working properly. You could also have a clogged air filter.

The longer you use the furnace, the more clogged its filters will get. This is okay because they are there to trap air debris, pollutants and other materials. Just make sure you get your filters changed on a regular basis every one to three months.

One or more of these issues can lead to serious safety issues. Therefore, it’s best to call a professional who can determine what the problem is and propose the best solution.

Gas Emission and Pilot Light Failure

If your machine is running on oil or gas, it requires a pilot light to ignite properly. If this light isn’t turning on, it’s likely your heating system’s flame sensor needs replacing or cleaning. We often find this problem in some older systems that require the pilot light to run continuously.

Similarly, if you have a heating system that runs on oil or gas, it may start emitting gases. The gases are the result of improper combustion. The most common of them is carbon monoxide, which is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly.

If you notice any gas coming out of the system, vacate the area immediately. Then, call a professional to explain your emergency situation and schedule a service appointment.

System Failure

Your heater may fail to work because of several issues. One of the most common we’ve come across is one or more frozen pipes and coils. When these parts freeze, your heater is bound to stop working, leaving your house cold.

In some cases, the frozen water in your machine may expand and cause the coil or pipe to burst. This is one of those issues that requires you to seek urgent expert assistance.

Inconsistent Heating

Your furnace has a thermostat that regulates the heating process. It instructs the heater to reach the temperatures you set throughout the day, determining how much heat you get from your furnace in a 24-hour cycle.

If there’s a malfunction with your thermostat, you’re likely to experience irregular or inadequate temperatures. A thermostat is an intricate electronic device that requires the attention of an experienced technician. Call a professional to check it, clean it and replace it with a better model if they deem it necessary.

If you’re experiencing heater issues, you shouldn’t wait for the problem to escalate. Some of these problems can cause serious damage to your heating system that will only cost more to fix later on. Not only that, they may also harm you or your family members by causing fires or causing you to inhale dangerous gases.

You can keep everyone in your house warm and comfortable by seeking the assistance of heating system specialists. Call Air Conditioning by Luquire today to get us to fix and maintain your heating system immediately.

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