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How Air Purifiers Work and Their Benefits for Homes in Montgomery, AL

Air Purifiers Clean Air

Residences and businesses contain more air pollution than the spaces outside them. This is somewhat startling to realize, given the sights of chimneys and vents emitting their various substances toward the sky. Here’s how air purifiers work and the benefits of using one in your Montgomery, AL, home:

How Air Purifiers Work

An air purifier is the opposite of a humidifier or a diffuser of essential oils. Those objects add particles to the air indoors. Air purifiers subtract particles from indoor air, sanitizing it. A purifier works differently than a filter does. Filters can only remove particles, whereas purifiers can also sanitize them. Different air purifiers do this in different ways.

Ionizing Purifiers

This type of purifier utilizes corona discharge, which is a method of creating ions. These positively charged molecules are attracted to particles with an opposite charge. Particles that clump together settle down from the air as they grow heavier. Larger air particles, such as contaminants and dust, have a greater likelihood of ionization because they provide larger targets for any electrons while traveling in and out of the corona discharge.


An adsorbent material in these air purifiers handles chemicals, odors and fumes that pollute the air. Adsorption, which is distinctly different than absorption, occurs when one substance is trapped upon another substance’s surface.

Activated charcoal has the distinction of being the most prevalent of adsorbents. It features a highly porous makeup with an abundance of microscopic nooks that trap molecules passing by. Larger particles stick in the charcoal’s pores. Some substances are drawn into the pores by electrostatic attention, while other substances bond to the charcoal because they react to it chemically.

UV Light

UV light, or ultraviolet radiation, bathes the air in these air purifiers. The radiation causes particular micro-organisms to become sterile and harmless. This type of air purifier eliminates the harm caused by airborne viruses and bacteria that pass through them.

UV light works to identify and deactivate bacteria in the air. Sometimes, UV lights are included in other types of air cleaners, such as HEPA filters, to provide an effective combination of air cleaners.

Importance of Purifying the Air

Dust isn’t simply an irritant that floats through the air and settles on furniture, requiring routine cleaning. It also acts as a magnet to such villainous presences as viruses, bacteria and dust mites. These can cause various ailments, including severe allergic reactions in susceptible people.

Residences face more than the threat of dust; they also can play host to dangerous gases. Air purifiers prevent the contamination of the air, protecting against deadly substances as well as irritants like dust.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

An air purifier provides clean air for your family to breathe, keeping them healthy. The systems trap allergens released by indoor pets; your furry companion may be extremely lovable but is guilty of releasing fur and dander, among other allergens, into the air. These are trapped before they can settle.

Other benefits of air purifiers include:

  • Removing unpleasant odors.
  • Neutralizing smoke, whether it’s from fireplaces or cigarettes.
  • Trapping dust before it accumulates.
  • Removing as much as 99% of airborne particles like pollen and bacteria.
  • Combating seasonal allergens.
  • Keeping the lungs of you and your family healthy.

Finally, an air purifier can fit into any space that requires cleaner air. These devices come in varied sizes with an assortment of features.

Cleaning your indoor air is vital to your health, and you need the right products to help. Our services include the maintenance of your indoor air quality. Contact us with any of your concerns about the level of your air’s healthiness for the protection of you and your family. We can offer professional assistance in addressing them.

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