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7 Summertime Heat Pump Problems You Might Experience

Heat Pump Problems

A heat pump is an essential appliance to keep your home cool in summer. You need to ensure your heat pump is functioning properly to avoid discomfort and frustration. Here are seven summertime heat pump problem you might experience and what you should do if you face one of them in Montgomery, AL:

Heat Pump Noises

If you notice your heat pump is louder than usual, it could be a sign of problems. Excessive vibrations or increased noises may be an indication of something loose in the system. You need to contact an HVAC professional as soon as you notice an increase in the noise level.

Heat pumps rarely start making unusual noises without a cause. A professional will check your heat pump to establish the exact source of the problem and fix it. It’s important to address the issue at the earliest opportunity to prevent further damage to the heat pump.

Heat Pump Runs Continuously

As a homeowner in Montgomery, you want your home to have cool and comfortable air — but not by overworking your heat pump. If the only way to keep your home cool is by running the heat pump continuously, your system might need repair.

During maintenance, a service technician can help detect the extent of damage and perform necessary repairs. This will allow your heat pump to function efficiently without overworking.

There’s Ice Buildup on the Heat Pump

It’s not very common for a heat pump to freeze up during summer when the heat makes it almost impossible for anything to freeze. When you experience this problem in summer, you can be sure it’s not the whole system freezing.

A common reason for freezing is when your heat pump is low on refrigerant. When the refrigerant is low, the system’s pressure decreases, causing the coil to freeze and not work effectively. Another reason for ice forming may be that your heat pump has poor airflow caused by dirty air filters.

Heat Pump Isn’t Cooling

It won’t take you long to notice if your heat pump isn’t properly cooling your home in summer. When your system’s efficiency or performance decreases, it can easily lead to high temperatures. You’ll need to seek AC repair services immediately to identify and fix the problem.

Your heat pump may fail to cool your Montgomery, AL, home for various reasons. It could be something as minor as a dirty filter or as major as a failing motor. Conducting regular maintenance is a great way of preventing this problem.

Unusual Smells From the Heat Pump

You can also detect a problem in your heat pump by the kind of smell coming from it. Burning smells and fishy aromas emanating from the system are clear signs that there’s a problem. Talk to a professional as soon as you notice a bad odor.

The weird smell could be a result of pests in your house. Rodents, roaches and other creatures can enter your unit through cracks and gaps. Another cause of a bad smell could be electrical issues.

Heat Pump Is Short-Cycling

Short-cycling happens when your heat pump runs for shorter durations than expected. This normally happens when something is interfering with the pump’s ability to cool the house. This could be a dirty air filter, a refrigerant leak or an improper thermostat setting.

Indoor Humidity Is High

A properly maintained heat pump should remove excess moisture from the air. If your system isn’t functioning properly, it’ll find it hard to regulate humidity levels. A dirty evaporator coil, clogged air filter or low refrigerant level are possible causes.

Beat the summer heat in Montgomery, AL, easily. You certainly don’t want heat pump problems to hinder your comfort during this hot season. Contact us at Air Conditioning by Luquire today for heat pump installation, repair, maintenance and other services.

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