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3 Benefits of Regular Plumbing Maintenance

plumbing maintenance

Here at Air Conditioning by Luquire, we hear a lot about HVAC system care and maintenance, but an HVAC system isn’t the only part of your home that requires special attention. Homeowners in Montgomery, Alabama, can also benefit from our professional plumbing maintenance. Although often forgotten, plumbing maintenance has significant benefits, such as increased air quality and system lifespan, and a cheaper water bill.

You may want these benefits without having to pay the cost of maintenance, but while homeowners can handle some home maintenance tasks, most plumbing jobs need a professional contractor.

Better Air Quality

Cracked piping can cause a direct water leak, or a valve or pressure issue may cause a faucet to leak constantly. These leaks can create mold and mildew that contribute to poor indoor air quality. Professional maintenance can correct any cracked pipes and water leaks to keep mold from developing and keep your air quality at a healthy level.

Increased Plumbing Lifespan

Don’t ignore a plumbing leak or a clogged pipe. A clogged pipe puts stress on your home’s plumbing, which not only reduces pressure but also shortens the lifespan of the system.

Our team can also check the proper amount of pressure that should run through your pipes. We all like a high-pressure shower, but high pressure places extra strain on pipes, valves, and joints, and not only decreases the lifespan of the system but also increases the potential of a more costly problem.

Money Savings

With every leak or pound of excess pressure, you spend more money on your water bill. With regular plumbing maintenance, you’ll see savings each month on your water bill. Maintenance can also prevent a more costly issue from arising.

The benefits above only begin to illustrate why regular plumbing maintenance is important. The professional touch stands as another step toward a more comfortable, efficient home. For more questions, or to schedule your own plumbing maintenance with one of our service professionals at Air Conditioning by Luquire, call 334-230-5870.

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