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3 Reasons You Need an Energy-Recovery Ventilator

Think of IAQ

Poor indoor air quality shouldn’t interfere with your enjoyment of your Montgomery River, Alabama-area home. If your home’s air always seems stale or if your HVAC system struggles to circulate air through your home, an energy-recovery ventilator could be the ideal solution. From freshening your indoor air to boosting your HVAC system’s performance, learn why your home needs an energy-recovery ventilator.

Your Home’s Air Always Seems Stale

Your home’s HVAC system should replace stale air with a fresh supply regularly, but not every home is designed for this to happen seamlessly. For instance, newer homes with tight building envelopes sometimes end up trapping stale air indoors.

A Comfort Energy-Recovery Ventilator solves this problem easily by pushing old air out and drawing fresh air into your home. Since it runs constantly, you can look forward to fresh air around the clock.

You Want to Improve Indoor Air Quality Without Wasting Energy

Fixing indoor air quality problems can be expensive and energy-intensive, but an energy-recovery ventilator helps freshen the air without wasting energy. Models like the Performance Energy-Recovery Ventilator are made to keep energy loss to a minimum.

In fact, their name says it all. These devices are designed to recover thermal energy from the outgoing air while keeping your indoor air fresh. Since they perform best in hot, humid climates, they’re ideal for Alabama homes.

You Want to Boost Your HVAC System’s Performance

If your HVAC system can’t quite keep up with your demand for fresh air, its performance may suffer over time. After all, an HVAC system that works too hard tends to run inefficiently and experience more frequent breakdowns.

Since an energy-recovery ventilator is designed to work with your HVAC system, it automatically improves performance. By pre-conditioning the incoming air and pre-filtering out airborne pollutants, an energy-recovery ventilator ensures that your HVAC system runs smoothly without added stress.

Could your HVAC system use a boost? Call Air Conditioning by Luquire at 334-230-5870 to learn more about our energy-recovery ventilator options and how they can benefit your home.

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