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4 Ways Insulation Improves Home Comfort


Effective home insulation can help you to save energy. Insulating your Montgomery, Alabama, home is indeed a great way to lower your utility bill and create a greener house. Insulation offers many other benefits as well that will make your home more comfortable for everyone.

Reducing Noise

Insulation adds a noise-dampening layer of material between your home and outside disturbances. Insulate the walls and ceiling to minimize the amount of noise that comes through. This is particularly handy if you live in a noisy area. The sound of a nearby highway, train tracks or other disturbance can be greatly diminished by adding insulation.

Lowering Pollen Levels

When hot or cold air seeps into the home, it can bring irritants along with it. If you suffer from allergies, try installing some insulation around your home for added protection and better air quality. Pollen, dust, and even insects are inhibited by insulation in the attic and exterior walls of your house.

Controlling Humidity

Humidity causes more than just discomfort. If your home is persistently humid, it can lead to mold or mildew growth. This in turn may leave your family feeling sick or to regularly cause allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, and itchy or watery eyes. Keep humidity and associated problems at bay with insulation in your attic, crawl space, and other areas of the home.

Providing Consistent Comfort

If you have spent much time in a poorly insulated home, you’re probably familiar with the uncomfortably hot and cold spots that you find in this type of house. Poor insulation can create uncomfortable corners where no one wants to sit — or even entire rooms that never maintain the right temperature. When you insulate your home properly, temperatures even out, so that you can enjoy more consistent comfort throughout the home, and save energy as well.

To learn more about properly insulating your home to increase air quality and comfort, contact Air Conditioning by Luquire at 334-230-5870. We provide all the HVAC services you need for both heating and cooling.

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