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Is Your AC System Maximizing Cooling Efficiency in Equality, AL?

Low AC System Efficiency

Now that it’s summertime in Equality, AL, it’s even more important for your home to provide a cool place to beat the scorching heat. It’s easy to assume that when the temperatures outside start soaring, your utility bills will follow suit. That’s not necessarily the case. But if you notice any of these warning signs, it generally means that your AC system is no longer cooling your home efficiently:

Sharp Increase in Utility Bills

Numbers never lie, so if you notice a sharp spike in your monthly utility bills during summer, your air conditioner is probably to blame. While a slight variance during the hottest part of the year isn’t uncommon, the increase should be minimal. If you notice a major spike in your utility bills, it’s a clear sign of cooling inefficiency.

The AC System Runs More Often

Cycling refers to the pattern in which your AC system turns on and off. If you start noticing that your air conditioner is running for longer periods or that it turns on and off more frequently, it’s no longer operating efficiently. These longer or more frequent periods of use will always decrease your system’s efficiency.

Dirty Filters in the Air Conditioner

While we never encourage homeowners to perform their own AC maintenance, there are some things you can tackle on your own. One of them is changing your air filters. If your filters are extremely dirty, your AC system will have to work harder than usual to push air through them, creating a less efficient air conditioner.

The rising temperatures of summer don’t mean that you have to forfeit comfort for efficiency. If you believe that your AC system is struggling to efficiently keep your home cool, let us help you. Call Air Conditioning by Luquire today to inspect your cooling system and ask about the rest of our services.

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