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How an Accurately Sized AC Saves You Money

Sizing and Efficiency

When you’re planning to invest in a new air conditioner, you might be tempted to purchase the least expensive model for your Montgomery, Alabama-area home. If you think that the most affordable model is the most cost-effective option for your home, you might be surprised to learn just how expensive an inaccurately sized air conditioner can be. Find out how professionals size air conditioners and learn how an accurately sized air conditioner saves you money.

How We Size Your Air Conditioner

While some cooling contractors rely on estimates to determine system size, the Air Conditioning by Luquire team uses an industry standard. A Manual J calculation takes into account a long list of factors to determine the right size system for your home.

To do this calculation, we plug in the overall size of your home, its orientation, the amount of shade it enjoys, the number and placement of windows, and much more. Doing this calculation takes a few extra steps, but it determines the right system for your Alabama home.

Why Undersized Systems Lead to High Repair Costs

Undersized air conditioners often cost less up front, but they can get much more expensive the longer you have them. That’s because an undersized system always has to work extra hard to keep your home cool. All that extra work leads to additional wear and tear, which causes the system to break down more frequently. It can even mean that you have to replace the system sooner than you otherwise would.

Why Oversized Systems Waste Money

An oversized air conditioner can cool your home more quickly, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Systems that are too large tend to short cycle, which means they reach your preferred temperature quickly and shut off before they have time to moderate humidity or filter the air effectively. This can lead to indoor air quality issues, system stress, and other expensive issues.

Isn’t it time you invested in an accurately sized air conditioner? Call the experts at Air Conditioning by Luquire to find the right system for your home: 334-230-5870.

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