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How to Tell It’s Time for a New AC

HVAC Maintenance

There’s a lot to know about home cooling. But, one of the most important things for Montgomery, AL homeowners to understand is how to tell when the air conditioner issues they’re dealing with are clear signs that their AC unit needs replacement. In other words, what’s the difference between a typical, run-of-the-mill air conditioner problem that can be easily corrected with a simple AC repair and a more serious issue—or more typically, a more serious string of issues—that indicate a bigger-than-normal problem is brewing that may just create the perfect storm that, if ignored, could do your system in for good when you least expect it.

Signs that Could Indicate a Need for Air Conditioner Replacement

Any of the following signs that occur on a persistent basis should get you thinking about the possibility that your air conditioning system might need replacement in the near future:

  • Above-average energy use in comparison to other homes in your area
  • Air conditioner that’s more than 10 years old if not well-maintained or more than 15 years old if well-maintained
  • Increasingly noisier-than-normal system operation
  • More-frequent-than-usual need for system servicing
  • Increasingly inadequate or inconsistent cooling from room to room
  • Rising electricity bills and increasing repair costs
  • Growing problem with humidity and, potentially, mold growth
  • Greater allergy discomfort than usual during cooling season
  • Well-sealed ductwork that isn’t contributing to lower energy efficiency
  • Adequately insulated home without excessive air leakage

Multiple Simultaneous Symptoms Could Spell Trouble

All of the above signs can be potential clues that your air conditioning system has seen better and more productive days. And when you notice several occurring in conjunction with one another—particularly decreasing cooling ability and energy efficiency in an older system that’s being used in a well-insulated and air-sealed home—you should take note that your air conditioner could be ready to fail soon.

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