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3 Benefits of a Packaged HVAC System in Hardaway, AL

Thinking About Packaged HVAC System

There are several options for heating and cooling systems in Hardaway, AL. You can have a separate air conditioner and furnace, a heat pump or a packaged HVAC system. Let’s discuss three advantages a packaged HVAC system provides.

Space-Saving Design

In conventional split systems with a furnace and an air conditioner, the furnace will typically be inside the home and the AC condenser outside. You must sacrifice a closet or a corner of your garage, basement or attic to house the indoor unit. A packaged system encloses the heating and cooling units in a single outside cabinet.

Easier Installation and Maintenance

Because our service technicians won’t have to install a separate heater and air conditioner, installation is more streamlined. They focus their efforts on the outdoor unit instead of going back and forth between the indoor and outdoor units. The same is true regarding annual or biannual HVAC maintenance visits.

Additionally, a packaged system is usually easier to access than a split system. It can be awkward to reach certain areas of a unit crammed into a closet or corner.

In contrast, packaged systems are usually outside on a cement slab. This gives our service technicians 360-degree access to all parts of the HVAC system.

Range of HVAC Options

You have a variety of choices for your heating and cooling models when you choose a packaged HVAC system. These systems typically have an electric air conditioner, but you can choose a gas, electric or hybrid furnace. An example of a hybrid system is a heat pump with an auxiliary gas or electric furnace.

When you’re looking to install a packaged system in your Hardaway, AL, home, call Air Conditioning by Luquire. We dispatch NATE-certified service technicians to deliver expert installation services. We’ve worked in the River Region since 1983 and deliver prompt, affordable service.

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