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Can a New Hot Water Heater Save Money?

The hot water heater has become an essential part of nearly every home in Elmore, AL. In addition to the convenience and enjoyment of a hot shower, water heaters also provide the home with hot water used for laundry, cleaning, cooking and sanitary purposes. However, an old water heater can be a real energy hog, which is evident on monthly utility bills. Upgrading to a new model can result in significant savings every month.

Energy Efficient Water Heaters

There have never before been so many energy efficient options for home water heaters. The U.S. EPA has developed a program called Energy Star, which rates appliances on their energy efficiency. There are both gas and electric water heating systems that qualify under Energy Star. This program makes it easy for homeowners to compare makes and models of water heaters and choose the option that best suits their needs and expectations.

Water Heater Options

  • Tankless water heaters. These water heaters use either gas or electricity to provide nearly instantaneous heating of water. Because the system does not constantly maintain a supply of heated water, it consumes less energy on a daily basis than a traditional hot water tank.
  • Traditional tank water heaters. These are less expensive and easier to install than a tankless system. They come in a variety of capacities to suit the needs of different households.

Getting the Most for Your Money with a New Water Heater

In addition to choosing an energy efficient water heating system, there are additional ways that a new water heater can save money. Some of these may require a few moments of your time every few months.

  • Insulate the hot water tank. Manufacturers produce blankets that fit around the water tank. Be sure not to cover the top, bottom, burner or thermostat of the tank.
  • Insulate the first six feet of hot water pipe to further boost monetary savings.
  • Set the water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This prevents unnecessary energy consumption and reduces the risk of accidental burns caused by water that is too hot.
  • Perform regular water heater maintenance. For tanks, this means periodic draining to get rid of mineral buildup. For both types of water heaters, professional maintenance is ideal.

There is no need for a homeowner to waste money on the heating of water. By installing a new water heater, homeowners can enjoy all the comforts they are used to without the big price tag and expensive utility bills. To find out more about how to lower utility costs with a new water heating system, give our team at AC by Luquire a call at any time.

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