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3 Causes of Your Home’s Restricted Airflow in Montgomery, AL

Poor Airflow

Uneven airflow in a home can result from various factors, such as improper insulation, outdated HVAC systems and air ducts that are too small. This issue is especially common in Montgomery, AL, due to the city’s humid climate. Understanding the underlying causes of poor airflow is key to finding an effective solution that will keep your entire house comfortable all year round.

Dirty Air Filters

Filters remove dust particles and other contaminants from the air as they circulate throughout your home. However, if an air filter clogs with dirt and debris, it can restrict the flow of air, making your HVAC system strain and provide uneven air circulation.

Additionally, dirty air filters can cause problems with indoor humidity levels by preventing moisture from being properly released outside. To ensure optimal indoor air quality and airflow, homeowners should regularly check their HVAC system’s air filter and replace or clean it when necessary.

Clogged Vents or Registers

Vents and registers are the openings that deliver air from a central HVAC system into your living spaces. Over time, these openings can clog with dust and dirt, restricting airflow into your home.

If you notice that a certain room isn’t receiving adequate airflow, check all vents and registers to ensure they’re free from blockages. Also, consider getting the right sizing for the vents and registers in each room, as having the wrong size can further restrict airflow.

Poor Insulation in the Attic or Walls

Poor insulation in the attic or walls can be a major factor causing uneven airflow in a home. This is because air leaks through these areas, allowing warm air to escape during winter and cool air to escape during summer. It’s important to insulate all the attics and walls to ensure proper airflow in any home.

If you have noticed reduced airflow in your home, take action to address the issue. There are several potential causes of restricted airflow, and only a professional can properly diagnose the problem. Contact us at Air Conditioning by Luquire if you suspect your home has air restrictions or needs any heating repair and installation services in Montgomery, AL.

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