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Does A Heat Pump Work In Cold Weather?

While our climate in Millbrook AL is generally mild during the winter months, it’s possible to experience some hard freezes during the season. Many of our customers at AC by Luquire ask about the best heating source for these chilly times. It’s helpful to consider your existing equipment and utilities as you think about future heating equipment choices.

Furnaces or Heat Pumps: Which Is Best?

If you have a gas furnace in place, you may be debating the benefits of a heat pump in Millbrook AL. This is a great alternative for improving energy efficiency in your home. The unit also doubles as an air conditioner, making it a one-system solution to both cooling and heating needs. Furnaces tend to be most efficient in colder climates. Since we don’t have lengthy periods of harsh temperatures, the heat pump can be an excellent alternative to a furnace.

Dual Fuel Systems

Some of our customers still appreciate the performance of their furnaces during those freezing days and nights. A hybrid system coordinates both heating sources so that the best unit for the conditions does the work. This can be an excellent approach to keeping your energy expenses limited, providing you with the best benefits of both types of fuel

Energy Efficiency Concerns

It’s helpful to realize that more efficient equipment will provide the most affordable operating costs. There are also many incentives to provide savings on your installation. One of the most current opportunities for consumers across the country to consider is the 25C federal tax credits for installation of eligible HVAC equipment. You can earn a credit of up to $300 for placing a qualified heat pump into service by December 31, 2013.

Maintenance Recommendations

To keep your heat pump in Millbrook AL running efficiently, we recommend both personal and professional steps in monitoring and maintaining your equipment. Prior to the onset of winter and spring use, it’s important to replace your filter. Verify that your equipment functions, and make sure that your vents are clear of obstructive materials. Continue to check your filter each month during winter heating and summer cooling.

Semi-annual tune-up service is a valuable investment in your equipment. Customers who have their HVAC units serviced periodically can avoid more than 90 percent of potential malfunctions and problems. Optimized equipment continues to operate efficiently as refrigerant levels are kept at manufacturer recommended standards. We also verify the correct operation of thermostats, clean coils and check ducts for problems. Your heating and cooling will be more precise when your equipment is maintained according to manufacturer guidelines.

AC by Luquire is always available to answer your HVAC questions. Whether you want to explore new heat pump models or schedule a tune-up, our representatives can assist you right away.

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