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Does my Air Conditioner Help Control Humidity?

One of the most frustrating HVAC issues for residents of Wetumpka AL is the excessive indoor humidity during the summer months. While your air conditioner works hard to keep the house cool, moisture levels can make it hard to feel comfortable. You may be surprised to know that your AC unit actually removes moisture from the air in your home.

Humidity Control with Your Air Conditioner

Your refrigerant is integral in the moisture control provided through your cooling system. The same process that occurs when your iced tea glass sweats is the process used for home dehumidification. Your refrigerant expands when it moves to the indoor coil, causing it to become very cold. As it absorbs heat from the surrounding air, that air becomes cool, providing the change in temperature that will create a more comfortable home environment. Simultaneously, moisture from the air collects on the coil and filters into your condensate pan before exiting the home through a drain line.

Why Does the Air Feel So Sticky if My AC Dehumidifies?

There are many factors affecting your system’s efficiency at moisture control. Keep in mind that the primary function of your cooling system is temperature control. It’s also important to realize that heavier use of your cooling unit will lead to more dehumidification. When temperatures aren’t as high, you may not cool your home enough to handle its moisture levels.

Your use of a ventilation system can also play a role in how efficiently moisture is controlled with your AC system. If you are bringing in fresh air, this will counter the effect of dehumidification. In many of these cases, a dehumidification unit can be helpful for better moisture management. It will address humidity on days with little or no need for cool air. It will also enable you to keep moisture-related issues like mold at bay.

Air Quality Services

Scheduling an evaluation of your indoor air quality will help diagnose home comfort issues. If moisture is a problem, we can assess your home to determine the best dehumidification system for controlling the amount of moisture. We can also examine the effects of moisture on important components of your HVAC system. For example, your coils and condensate pan can harbor a lot of mold and bacteria. We can do tune-up services that include cleaning these components. This will help limit the circulation of mold in your airstream while protecting your system from reduced airflow. Similarly, we can inspect your ducts for mold damage.

Additional Air Quality Equipment

A ventilation system is helpful for keeping fresh air moving through your home. We can recommend units that also help with moisture control. Purification systems are good for removing airborne material like mold spores and bacteria. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Luquire is able to provide you with cutting edge systems and important technologies for moderating your home environment. Contact us by phone or online to learn more.

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