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Energy Efficient Ideas for Your Heating System in Montgomery AL

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important as we become more aware of dwindling resources, the environmental effects of fossil fuel use, and increasing prices. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do in order to lessen your reliance on energy. One of the most effective means for using less energy and lowering your monthly energy costs is to invest in an efficient heating system.

Gas Heating

In Montgomery AL, you can choose between using electricity or gas for heating. Furthermore, you may be able to choose between natural gas and propane depending on where you live. From the standpoint of comfort, the results are identical. Most furnaces are capable of operating on either option with the use of a kit to make the conversion. If you have a choice, then you will probably make your decision based on the operating cost. Prices will fluctuate over the years, but for now natural gas has a decided edge in price. No matter what the fuel, you can lower your usage by investing in a high-efficiency heating system. For furnaces, Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) notates efficiencies. A 90 AFUE furnace will convert 90 out of every 100 BTUs into heat and emit the remaining 10 BTUs as exhaust. Most furnaces rate at 80 AFUE, but it is possible to purchase furnaces that are almost 100 percent efficient.

Electrical Heating

If you do not have access to gas heating, then you will want to consider purchasing a heat pump as your heating system. Heat pumps operate in a similar fashion to air conditioners. Cooling systems use the unique properties of refrigerant to move heat from indoors to outdoors; a heat pump is able to move heat from outdoors to indoors through a reverse process even when it is quite chilly. At some point, a heat pump will lose its ability to warm adequately when the temperatures become too cold and heat can no longer be extracted. When this happens, the system will switch to an emergency-heating mode and activate electric strips that heat the air is it flows past them. This method does a great job of heating air, but it is not particularly efficient from the standpoint of energy usage. In Montgomery AL, this may only happen a few times each year and generally does not create too much additional operating cost. It is possible to install dual-fuel systems if you have access to gas as well. These systems will use gas instead of electricity as the backup source of energy when emergency heating is needed. Heating System Performance Factor (HSPF) is the manner in which heat pump efficiencies are notated.

Please give us a call at AC by Luquire if you are considering replacing your heating system in Montgomery AL. We are also available to perform maintenance and service on your existing system to keep it running smoothly. Let us know if you have any questions or wish to schedule an in-home consultation.

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