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4 Furnace Noises That Sound Like Trouble and Require Repair

Furnace Noises

A noisy furnace can easily ruin your peace as you relax inside your Pike Road, AL, home over winter. Any odd or loud furnace noise should alert you to schedule a heating repair or replacement right away. Here are some strange furnace noises that indicate trouble and what they mean:


You need to call a heater repair service technician if your furnace completes a cycle but you notice a rumbling noise. Rumbling noises could be due to faulty flame sensors, burners, pilot light issues or fuel burning even after the burners shut down. Overlooking a rumbling furnace could put your home at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.


If you notice a loud bang after the furnace kicks on, it could signify a problem with the ignition. The ignition system ignites gas immediately after the furnace signals the thermostat to start a cycle unless there’s an issue with it. Several things affect the ignition system, including a weak flame and clogged or dirty burners.


A grinding and scraping sound from your furnace could point to dry bearings in the blower motor. This motor requires regular lubrication to function properly. Regular furnace maintenance is vital because your service technician checks bearing lubrication during the annual tune-ups.


Clicking noises from your furnace originate from the heat exchanger or ignition. If you hear a clicking sound, call a service technician for heating repair right away. If the ignition and heat exchanger are functioning optimally, you probably need a tune-up to prevent bolts and nuts from clicking.

Do you notice any of these strange furnace noises? Contact us at Air Conditioning by Luquire to schedule HVAC maintenance or repairs so that your furnace can keep you comfortable this winter. We’re here to help you maximize heating efficiency.

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