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Get a Quote for your Furnace Installation in Eclectic AL

For over 25 years, AC by Luquire has been providing customers with furnace installation in Eclectic AL. We're committed to keeping our customers warm and cozy during the cooler seasons, and each furnace installation in Eclectic AL is 100 percent guaranteed. We offer competitive pricing along with A+ service. If you need new furnace installation in Eclectic AL, make sure to give us a call. We offer a free in-home estimate and will provide you with a dependable quote. All of our quotes will be put in writing and provide:

  • Start and completion date
  • Itemization of Parts
  • Itemization of Labor
  • Warranties
  • Process of removal for existing furnace
  • HVAC and electric permits

The Costs of New Installations

One of the best ways to reduce the costs of a new furnace installation is by saving on fuel costs down the road by choosing equipment with a high AFUE ratio. Modern furnaces range in AFUE from 80 to 98.5 percent. The higher AFUE units are usually eligible for local, state, federal, manufacturer and utility program initiatives that offer rebates or tax credits. Our staff is up-to-date with the latest programs and will be happy to inform you of all the programs that can save you money. Keep in mind you'll also be saving up to 40 percent in energy costs. Most consumers regain the initial costs within just three years because of lower energy bills.

Sizing a New Furnace

Step one for any new furnace installation is making sure your new furnace is accurately sized. Unlike many other HVAC contractors, we will not assume that your existing furnace is the right size for your home. There are many factors that may have changed, including insulation levels and the addition of rooms. As a matter of fact, it's very possible that the original furnace was not properly sized to begin with. Using state-of-the-art software, our technicians will factor in room dimensions, amount of windows, insulation and home design when doing a heat load calculation.

We realize that accurately sizing the furnace is essential for indoor comfort and efficiency. Oversized units tend to frequently cycle and use more energy than is necessary. On the other hand, undersized units do not adequately heat the home.

Maintenance of a New Furnace

After we've give you a quote and have completed the furnace installation, we'll give you tips on how to maintain your new furnace, including changing the filter every two months. In addition, we always advise our customers to invest in one of our affordable service plans. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your new furnace is top-notch condition. It's also the smart way to avoid future costly repairs.

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