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How do I Clean the Air Conditioner Coils?

Your air conditioner coils play a critical role in proper cooling of your home during the summer months. If you neglect them, you could face poor comfort levels and high energy bills as a result. However, many homeowners are unaware of the need to clean air conditioner coils periodically. A gradual decrease in the performance of your AC might appear as a result of the system’s aging. Fortunately, coil cleaning can provide a dramatic improvement.

The Impact of Dirt on Your Coils

The presence of dirt on your air conditioner coils might be surprising. After all, the air filter is placed to remove particles from circulation as the air moves through the intake area. However, an air filter isn’t a perfect solution for removal of airborne material. Fine particles can move through many air filters, especially through those with lower MERV ratings. You can provide your equipment with better protection by opting for a high-MERV filter with a rating of between eight and 12. Don’t exceed this rating as higher MERV filters are intended for specialty equipment or commercial settings and could cause pressure balance issues in your HVAC system.

The fine particles that reach your indoor equipment like the coils and blower may be mingled with household materials like cooking residue and sprays. Just as your vent over the stove becomes dirty and greasy over time, your AC coils can accumulate a similar grimy layer. This prevents the refrigerant in your system from completing its task.

Impeding the Heat Transfer Process

Refrigerant expands in the indoor AC coils. This causes it to reach extremely cold temperatures. A transfer occurs between the air that passes over the coils and the refrigerant. As the refrigerant absorbs the warmth from the air, the air becomes cold. The moisture in the air cools as well, condensing back into liquid form. A layer of material on the coils keeps this from taking place, limiting the cooling of the air. It also affects the pressure with which air flows through your ducts, restricting the flow. An important signal that your coils probably need to be cleaned is a weak airflow with temperatures that aren’t very cold.

How to Clean Air Conditioner Coils

You may think of this as a DIY project, but there is potential to damage delicate fins that are part of your coil system. The grimy conditions mean that a strong cleaning solution is necessary to break down the material. Keep in mind that such a solution will affect your airstream, making it important to use a product that is meant specifically for this use. Additionally, loosened material can get into your drain pan and lines, leading to the potential for a clogged system and related overflow.

Air Conditioning by Luquire can service the AC coils in your Pike Road, AL home by providing a comprehensive maintenance call. In addition to coil cleaning, we address the following areas of your system:

  • Recharge refrigerant as needed
  • Clean and inspect blower parts
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Test electronic components and thermostat
  • Inspect ducts

A tune-up can save money on your utility bills through enhanced system performance while also extending the life of your equipment. Annual service is ideal for optimum performance. Contact our office to schedule your maintenance tune-up.

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