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How Does Air Conditioning in Millbrook AL Reduce Humidity

The term “humidity” is used to describe water vapor in the air. Humid outdoor air feels heavier and warmer than dry air at the same temperature. Humidity makes you perspire more readily and simply feels uncomfortable, causing your skin to become sticky and itchy. However, humidity inside your home can cause problems beyond discomfort. Moisture in the air can produce a breeding ground for allergens, mold and even dust mites. Indoor humidity may also aggravate symptoms related to asthma. Due to the warm southern climate, homes in Millbrook AL often have issues related to humid indoor air. Humid air can also damage the structure of the house. If the home is not built to accommodate humidity, moisture can build up inside the walls and cause the materials to deteriorate.

Reducing Indoor Humidity

Reducing the humidity inside the home to under 50 percent will alleviate many of the problems associated with water vapor in the air. Central air conditioning is one way to reduce the moisture content in the air. In fact, air conditioning was originally invented in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier to be a humidity-reducing process for the publishing industry.

How Air Conditioning Reduces Humidity

Central air conditioning consists of two major systems. The compressor unit is mounted outside the home and the coil unit is installed inside the home, typically on top of the heating unit. As electricity powers the unit, the compressor pumps coolant, or “refrigerant,” through the unit. The refrigerant attracts moisture and humidity from the air as the warm air passes over the cooling coil. The cooled conditioned air is then circulated throughout the home through a system of ductwork, while the warm air that has collected the heat and humidity is moved outside the home.

Some moisture that is collected from the air is expelled from the unit through a drainage system. This condensation is passed into the condensate drain and is deposited into the plumbing system or outside the home. This is why moisture is sometimes found around the indoor unit. However, if the moisture is not properly contained by the condensate drainage system, water damage may occur. If the drain becomes clogged or develops a leak, the condensation will not properly be expelled from the home.

Additional Methods for Reducing Humidity

If central AC does not reduce humidity to acceptable levels, you can install a dehumidifier in addition to your HVAC system. For very humid climates, or for homes that have problems with moisture, a dehumidifier may be recommended by your HVAC professional. Air conditioning in Millbrook AL is usually sufficient to maintain optimal humidity levels in most homes.

The committed professionals at Air Conditioning by Luquire have been serving the Montgomery and Millbrook AL area since 1983. If your home has a problem with humidity, call AC by Luquire to schedule an inspection of your home's HVAC equipment. When you need AC repairs in Millbrook or any of the surrounding communities, call AC by Luquire. We will dispatch an experienced and qualified technician to fix your AC problem.

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