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It's Time to Schedule Maintenance for Your Heating System in Millbrook AL

It's Time to Schedule Maintenance for Your Heating System in Millbrook AL

Now is the best time to schedule service for your heating system in Millbrook AL. By doing so, you will know it is ready to go when colder weather arrives to our area. Luquire has been providing dependable service to homeowners in the Millbrook AL area for over 25 years. Call them to schedule service for your home's heating system today!

We recommend having your heating system professionally maintained each year with a preventive maintenance service. There is so much more to keeping your system running at its best than just changing the air filter as needed. When you schedule your yearly service with us, our highly trained technicians will perform a checklist of important inspections and safety checks that will ensure your family's safety and comfort during this heating season.

Our preventive maintenance service includes:

• Inspect, clean and lubricate all moving parts
• Inspect burner for a furnace or belts for a heat pump
• Inspect electrical connections and tighten if needed
• Inspect your heating system's ventilation system for rust or

• Check safety shut-offs and switches for proper operation
• Verify that the furnace is properly cycling from startup to

• Test thermostat and recalibrate when needed
• Clean accumulated dust from heating unit
• Clean or replace air filter

The service technician will identify any parts that are showing sign of wear and tear and any repairs that should be made at that time. By addressing these replacements and small repairs early, you can avoid larger service bills in the future. It will also help avoid the need for emergency service this winter.

An important part of this yearly maintenance service is the test to detect if your system is giving off carbon monoxide fumes. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that is a silent killer that can jeopardize your family's safety. Improper venting or a malfunctioning furnace can cause these fumes to build up in your home. Because we keep our homes closed up during the winter, this is when it becomes a bigger hazard. This is one of the major reasons you should have your system checked every year.

For the small price of a preventive maintenance service, you purchase peace of mind that your family will be safe and comfortable this heating season. However, did you know that you are also taking a step toward reducing your home's energy costs? Systems that receive regular maintenance run smoother, which means they require less energy to operate. This proactive approach also increases the longevity of your equipment. Protecting your investment in your home is well worth the price of an annual service.

Call Luquire to schedule a service for your heating system in Milllbrook AL today. You can then relax and know that your system is ready for whatever weather may come our way this winter.

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