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Should I Schedule an Air Conditioner Tune-Up this Spring?

It’s surprising to realize how many residents of Eclectic AL neglect their HVAC systems until there is trouble. Some are careful to make sure that a clean filter is in place before summer air conditioner use begins. However, the majority don’t realize how much a tune up service can help with equipment performance. Spring is the perfect time to schedule service so that your AC is working correctly when summer weather arrives.

What Does a Tune Up Involve?

Your maintenance service is comprised of several steps. These include:

  • Visual evaluation of indoor and outdoor equipment and system components
  • Adjustments to loose and moving parts
  • Lubrication of bearings
  • Testing of refrigerant levels with diagnostics of possible leaks
  • Cleaning of coils and condensate pans
  • Testing of thermostat function
  • Checking ducts for dirt and leaks
  • Inspection of drain lines

Recommendations for repair or replacement of broken parts provides you with time to get little problems fixed before summer. Unattended, many of these small issues can lead to big malfunctions or even complete failure of your air conditioner.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

There are many ways that maintenance can benefit you. Your system’s life can be extended. Regular tune up service can eliminate more than 90 percent of repair needs. Optimization leads to better performance. This ensures comfortable home conditions while keeping your energy expenses down.

Troubleshooting AC Issues

If your air conditioning unit ceases to function, you may feel the need to immediately call for repair. While this may be true, it’s important to make sure that you aren’t dealing with a simpler issue. Check your thermostat to make sure there hasn’t been any change in settings. Check your fuse box for a tripped switch. Make sure there isn’t some sort of unusual damage inside or outside near your equipment. When you call Luquire for assistance, it’s helpful to have your model information available.

If your AC is working but performing poorly, you can check your thermostat settings. You can also check for blockages in your ducts. If air is blowing but isn’t cool, you may be dealing with refrigerant issues. If your system seems to be running too much, you could have a faulty battery in your thermostat. These basic checks can save you unnecessary service calls. However, if these don’t resolve the issue, then we are happy to help you with a diagnostic call. Maintenance service could be just as beneficial in the case of a functioning AC system, however, because many of these basic issues will be addressed. Give us a call to discuss the options.

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