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4 Signs Your Air Conditioner is Too Large

Air Conditioner is Too Large

When you want to keep your Montgomery, Alabama, home cool during the summer, you might think that a bigger air conditioner will do a better job. But that isn’t quite true. Professionals use what’s known as the Manual J protocol to size your new AC accurately for your home. Concerned that your cooling system is too big? Look for these four signs that your air conditioner is too large for your home:

Your AC Doesn’t Dehumidify Your Home

Overly large air conditioners don’t struggle to cool your home adequately. However, they typically fail at removing excess moisture from the air. That means the temperature in your home might be right, but high humidity levels may still be making your family feel way too warm.

Your Cooling System Cycles Frequently

While newer systems like the Carrier Infinity 21 central air conditioner run for long periods at low speeds and operate at higher speeds when necessary, older air conditioners have two speeds: on and off. Ideally, your air conditioner should turn on to cool your home adequately and switch off for an extended period. If it’s constantly turning on and off, it’s too large for your home.

Your Utility Bills Are Too High

When your air conditioner cycles more frequently than it should, it may never reach peak efficiency. Since inefficient air conditioners cost more to run, you’re likely to pay much higher utility bills. Excessive electricity bills often signal overly large air conditioners.

Your AC Hasn’t Lasted as Long as It Should

If your cooling system struggles to operate efficiently, it’s likely to experience more wear and tear. That means it may break down or require repairs frequently. Ultimately, it may not last as long as it should. As a result, you may need to replace your cooling system months or years earlier than planned.

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