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5 Signs Your Dryer Vent in Montgomery, AL, Requires Cleaning

Need Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Dryer fires are one of the most common types of home fires in the United States. Your Montgomery, AL, home is at risk if your dryer isn’t regularly taken apart and cleaned thoroughly. Here are five common signs that you need dryer vent cleaning service:

There’s a Strange Smell

You should never smell burning when running your dryer. If you do, it’s a sure sign there’s lint inside your filter that requires removal. With lint as flammable as it is, leaving it there is a recipe for disaster.

Dryer Seems to Take Forever

A dryer that takes longer than 45 minutes to dry a load of clothes probably needs a good cleaning. Take this as a sign that cleaning needs done before your utility bills drastically increase or a house fire breaks out.

Dryer Turns Off

Some dryers have a built-in safety feature that shuts down the appliance when it overheats, like when lint clogs the vent. An error code may appear, depending on the age and sophistication of your appliance.

Clothes Feel Overly Hot

Warmth is one thing, but clothes that are uncomfortably hot to the touch after drying signify airflow problems in your appliance. This is most likely due to lint in the trap or ductwork.

One Year Has Passed Since a Cleaning

No matter how well you clean the lint trap, lint will migrate into the vent of your dryer over time. Hire a professional to clean the appliance for you once each year. During spring cleaning or fall home maintenance activities are good times for the task.

Notice that your dryer is running a little hot or taking forever to dry a load? Give Air Conditioning by Luquire a call and ask us about our dryer vent cleaning services. We look forward to working with you!

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