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3 Signs Your Heat Pump in Montgomery, AL, is Low on Refrigerant

Heat Pump Not Heating

A heat pump is a popular heating technology in Montgomery, AL. The most typical problem that comes with it is low refrigerant. So, how would you know if your system is running out of refrigerant? Here are some warning indicators to look out for:

Ineffective Performance

Low refrigerant puts additional strain on several parts of your heating system. The compressor will face a great deal of stress. A reduced refrigerant level might be the cause of a significant rise in energy bills.

Icing on the Exterior Unit

Other problems are probable if your heating system is leaking. Ice may form on the evaporator coil of the heat pump. Because the refrigerant’s goal is to absorb heat, a shortage of refrigerant will impair the evaporator coil’s capacity to absorb it.

Because of this reduced capacity to absorb heat, the wetness on your evaporator coil freezes. Unfortunately, merely scraping off the ice or leaving it to thaw won’t solve the problem. An HVAC expert will need to fix the leakage and add extra refrigerant.

Heat Pump Leak

Despite the fact that a heat pump utilizes refrigerant to heat or cool a home, the refrigerant doesn’t disperse during normal operation. Rather, the mechanism converts the refrigerant from water to gas and back again. The charge or amount of refrigerant, shouldn’t decrease with time. On the other hand, leaks might cause your heat pump to lose refrigerant.

Leaks that trigger refrigerant leakage are typically found at connecting points. With routine maintenance, you can avoid leaks.

A refrigerant leakage can create a variety of problems with a heat pump. Call us now if you suspect you have leaking refrigerant or another problem that’s interfering with your home’s heating system. One of our experts at Air Conditioning by Luquire will assist you in resolving any difficulties.

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