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4 Signs You Need Furnace Repair in Montgomery, AL

Completing Furnace Repair

Is your furnace in Montgomery, AL, ready to keep you warm during the cold weather? One thing you really don’t need is to find yourself in a freezing house when winter temperatures blow through the area. Here are signs that your furnace might need a repair:

You Smell Gas

Smelling gas in your home is always a cause for concern. And if you have a gas furnace, the smell of gas could mean there’s a leak. It’s important to turn the furnace off, vacate the home and call emergency services even if you’re uncertain that the furnace is the source of the smell.

A gas leak can occur in the line that supplies gas to your furnace. It’s also possible that the heat exchanger for your furnace has a crack.

Gas is a fire hazard because it’s highly flammable. Something as simple as a small spark could cause an explosion in your home. Keep the furnace off until you’re certain it’s safe to use again.

Furnace Struggles to Start

Does it take several tries before the furnace starts? If so, this is a sign that something is wrong with the furnace.

Issues that affect the stopping and starting of a furnace can stem from several things. There’s possibly a problem with the heat exchanger or a dirty flame sensor. A repair service technician can check the furnace and pinpoint the cause of the malfunction.

Unexplained Spike in Energy Bills

An inefficient furnace burns more energy than a furnace that works well. It’s common for your energy bills to fluctuate, but a sudden sharp increase could point to a furnace problem. Getting your furnace checked is worth it if it results in lower energy bills.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Triggered

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that’s flammable, tasteless and odorless. Exposure to carbon monoxide can cause fatigue, headaches, dizziness, confusion and death. A cracked furnace heat exchanger can allow carbon monoxide to poison your indoor air.

If the alarm sounds, evacuate the home and dial 911. After you’re in a safe place, schedule a furnace repair immediately.

Contact Air Conditioning by Luquire today for help with your furnace repair. Our trained HVAC service technicians are ready to inspect and repair your Montgomery, AL, furnace promptly.

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