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Signs of Heating System Problems

Getting up in the morning only to find that your house is freezing cold due to a heating system problem is a situation that no homeowner wants to face during the heart of winter. Heating systems are complex with hundreds of mechanical and electrical parts, any one of which can malfunction. Fortunately, most heating systems will display signs and symptoms of problems so that alert homeowners can get prompt repairs and restoration of indoor comfort.

Signs and Symptoms of Heating Problems

The signs and symptoms that a furnace or other type of heating system develops depend on the type and extent of the problem. The most common indicators of a heating system malfunction include:

  • Strange smells. A smell of burnt dust is not typical of a properly functioning heating system. If you smell natural gas, immediately evacuate your home and call the local emergency number for help. Don’t turn on any lights or use the phone inside the house, as a spark from these could ignite leaking gas and cause an explosion.
  • Thermostat indicators. Many of the newest programmable thermostats have system warning indicators that light up or flash when the system needs service or repair.
  • Strange sounds. Any new loud sounds or banging, clanging, grinding or popping sounds suggest a mechanical problem within the system.
  • No heat. If the system is blowing cold air, this is a sure sign of a problem.
  • System won’t turn off or turns off and on frequently.

What to Do About Heating Problems

Heating system repairs are not a DIY project. The safe and effective repair of a furnace, boiler, or heat pump problem requires experience, specialized tools, and knowledge of how to safely work around gas, electricity, and other safety hazards. A professional can quickly diagnose the cause of a heating system issue and get it repaired faster and more safely than a do-it-yourselfer could.

The Benefits of Prompt Heating System Repairs

Letting a malfunctioning heating system continue to operate could result in many problems. A prompt repair not only restores comfort, but it can prevent the need for a more costly and extensive repair. Early detection and repair of heater problems also reduces the risk of health and safety problems such as gas leaks. Fixing problems can also extend the system’s lifespan and improve the system’s energy efficiency, resulting in lower monthly heating costs throughout the winter.

Even with diligent maintenance and regular service, heating equipment will occasionally malfunction. With prompt service performed by our staff at AC By Luquire, Pike Road, AL homeowners can enjoy a comfortable, healthy, and safe home. For more information about symptoms of heating system problems or to schedule a repair service, give us a call any time.

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