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4 Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality in Prattville, AL

Unhealthy Indoor Air Quality

The HVAC system in your Prattville, AL, home doesn’t just control its temperature. It can also go a long way toward improving the air quality where you live. Here are some signs that signal your indoor air quality is unhealthy and things you can do to improve it:

You’re Getting Sick More Often

If you and your family members are coughing and sneezing more often, it may indicate poor indoor air quality. Proper filtration gets rid of particulates in your air before they reach your lungs. Constantly getting sick is a clear sign that you should have the air quality in your home improved.

You’re Seeing More Dust

Dusty bookshelves, windowsills and tabletops aren’t a sign of good indoor air quality. Vacuum and dust your home often, and change the air filters regularly. GClean filters trap particulates and remove them from your environment. Ideally, you should change your HVAC filter every 30-90 days.

It Feels Humid in Your House

Air that’s too humid is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, microbes and other problem-causing materials. A dehumidifier might be in order if the air you breathe feels damp or heavy. Conversely, air that’s too dry can also be dangerous to those in your home with sinus and other respiratory issues.

The Air Smells Bad

You might have a problem with your indoor air quality if you notice foul or stale odors. It’s possible that there are microbes growing or pests living in the air ducts. Contact us for advice if you feel that you may have biological contaminants in your HVAC system.

Get in Touch With the Pros

We provide heating, cooling and plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance. If you’re concerned that you need your indoor air quality improved, contact the pros at Air Conditioning by Luquire.

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