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Spring is Finally Here – Time for an AC Tune-Up

With the arrival of spring, you may be thinking about beautiful weather and outside activities. However, you may want to use the blower of your comfort control system to move some of that fresh air through your home, making it important to schedule air conditioner maintenance promptly. Although you won’t need the cooling function of the system for a couple of months, use of your fan setting means that your blower and indoor coils need to be cleaned and serviced. Take care of this early so that you can turn your attention toward your favorite spring activities.

AC Tune-Up Check List

You may think of air conditioner maintenance as changing the air filter. While this is a very important maintenance task, there are several additional checks involved in a system tune-up. Each point of service contributes to the optimization of your equipment so that you can experience excellent comfort control and energy efficiency. Your equipment is subject to wear and tear over time, and it can lose as much as five percent of its efficiency each year if it isn’t properly serviced. Points included on your AC tune-up check list are:

  • Electronic components – connections are inspected, and parts are tested.
  • Refrigerant – levels are tested and recharged as needed. Your technician will check for leaks if there is an issue with low refrigerant.
  • Coils – indoor and outdoor coils are cleaned to promote proper heat exchange and excellent energy performance.
  • Blower – moving parts are cleaned and lubricated to promote excellent airflow.
  • Drain pans and drip lines – cleaning is provided so that condensate fluid can drip and drain away without creating leaks in the area of your air handler.
  • Thermostat – function is tested, and your unit is calibrated as needed for accurate readings and cooling activity.

Performance Benefits with AC Maintenance

You may not notice a gradual decline in cooling performance, but a neglected system may eventually seem to produce poor cooling and a weak airflow. These issues can be improved dramatically through coil cleaning and blower service. The dirt that accumulates in your air handler can impede airflow, making your airstream seem weak. Additionally, the dirty coils inhibit the heat exchange process that allows indoor air to become cold. When you change your air filter, you may notice the grime on the coils, an issue that can also contribute to the development of biomaterials like mold and bacteria in the air handler. Your indoor air quality can be enhanced with annual maintenance service as these conditions are addressed.

Financially, your severely neglected equipment can add 50 percent or more to the energy required to cool your home. Dirty indoor and outdoor coils together can account for 30 percent more usage, and an undercharge of 10 percent in your refrigerant lines can add another 20 percent to your energy usage. Ducts should be inspected every three to five years for leaks and cleaning needs, and in severe cases, these issues can account for as much as 40 percent of the energy needed to cool your home.

Air Conditioning by Luquire is available to schedule air conditioner maintenance at your convenience when you contact our Pike Road, AL, customer service representatives. We can also assist with information about issues like the right air filter for your system or the importance of duct services. Call us today.

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