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4 Summer Safety Tips to Prevent Heat Exhaustion

Prevent Heat Exhaustion

Summer weather has arrived in Montgomery, Alabama. But it doesn’t matter if you’ve been looking forward to the sunny days or you can’t wait for cooler weather. Whether you love or hate the heat, it’s important to keep yourself cool and comfortable throughout the season. From getting an early start to keeping humidity in check, follow these four summer safety tips to prevent heat exhaustion:

Get an Early Start

The summer heat can make your regular workout activities, such as running and cycling, unbearably uncomfortable. Instead of putting your fitness routine on a summer hiatus, reschedule your workout for the early morning hours. You’ll avoid the harsh sun and elevated temperatures, helping to prevent heat exhaustion and sunburn.

Rethink the Temperature

To keep cool indoors, turn on your air conditioner and program the thermostat for summer weather. Set your smart thermostat to 76 when your family is home. Program the thermostat to increase the temperature by up to 10 degrees when you’re usually away from home. While these settings should keep you cool all summer long, you can certainly adjust for your family’s comfort level.

Keep Humidity in Check

Humidity can also affect how hot you feel. Make sure your home’s humidity level is below 50 percent.

If your air conditioner doesn’t manage humidity levels effectively, invest in a Performance DEHXX whole-home dehumidifier. This HVAC add-on can keep humidity in check while helping your air conditioner operate more efficiently. As a result, you’ll feel more cool and comfortable.

Stay Hydrated

Overly humid air can make you feel overheated. But that doesn’t mean you should reduce moisture levels everywhere.

Take steps to stay hydrated when the mercury rises, even if you aren’t planning any strenuous activities. Try to keep caffeinated beverages and alcoholic drinks to a minimum. Treat yourself to ice-cold water and other hydrating beverages instead.

Don’t let heat waves get you down. Call Air Conditioning by Luquire at 334-230-5870 for all your air conditioning and indoor air quality needs this summer.

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