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3 Symptoms of a Dirty Air Filter in Your Fitzpatrick, AL, Home

Dirty Air Filter

Homeowners in Fitzpatrick, AL, rely on air filters to help their HVAC system circulate clean air in the house. It’s vital to continuously replace your filters to prevent dirt from infiltrating the air supply. Here are four symptoms of a dirty air filter to watch out for:

Increased Energy Bills

A dirty filter means your HVAC system’s components, such as the fan, work harder to regulate your home’s temperature. This increased work causes your energy bills to rise since your system will be running inefficiently.

Longer Heating or Cooling Time

When your filter is dirty, it’ll limit the amount of air your HVAC system heats or cools. A lack of airflow will affect your HVAC system’s performance, as it’ll take longer to heat or cool air and circulate it through your home.

Excess Dirt and Soot

Your air filter plays an essential role in capturing dirt and debris. But several issues can affect its efficiency based on the amount of work it does.

In most cases, failure to schedule regular maintenance or to replace your clogged filter can cause a system failure. This, in turn, leads to low indoor air quality

HVAC Failure

When your air filter is dirty, it causes damage to your system’s internal components. If you fail to sort this problem by changing your filters, it can lead to HVAC failure. And since some repairs are costly, it’s wise to change your filters and always keep them clean regularly. As a result, you’ll prevent sudden breakdowns and costly repairs or replacements.

At Air Conditioning by Luquire, our comprehensive HVAC maintenance plans can help you protect your system for years to come. Our certified service technicians can check, repair and replace your clogged filters swiftly and professionally. For exceptional HVAC maintenance services, contact us today.

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