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Water Heater Troubleshooting Tips

Water heaters make it possible to enjoy the comfort of a hot shower, to safely sanitize hands, dishes and utensils and to launder clothing and linens. While standing in the shower, an unexpected surprise of a blast of cold water is extremely unwelcome. These water heater toubleshooting tips from our plumbers at AC by Luquire will help you determine what is wrong with the heater and what can be done to remedy the situation.

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are efficient and often last for many years. However, a number of issues can go wrong with these appliances. Here’s how to figure out what might be wrong with yours:

  • If there’s no hot water, check the pilot light. If it’s out, relight it. Also check to make sure the gas fuel is turned on at the tank and at the meter.
  • If the pilot won’t light, the gas could be off. If the gas is on, there could be a problem with a clogged pilot supply line, a dirty pilot housing, a defective gas control valve or air in the gas line.
  • If the pilot lights but quickly goes out, there could be a faulty thermocouple, dirty burner, clogged pilot supply line, dirty pilot orifice, a breeze extinguishing the light or a bad gas control valve.
  • If the water is too hot, the gas control valve could be malfunctioning or the thermostat could be set too high.
  • If there’s not enough hot water, the gas pressure could be low, the thermostat could be set too low, the thermostat might be malfunctioning, the dip tube could be broken or the system may be undersized or overused.
  • If the water is slow to reheat, the tank could have excess sediment, a dirty burner orifice, low gas pressure or a sudden temperature drop outdoors may cause the incoming water to be much colder.
  • Excess noise from the heater can result from sediment buildup in the tank or an air bubble.
  • Flames that roll out from the burner could result from a dirty burner or excess gas pressure.

Electric Heaters

Although electric heaters will not have problems associated with a gas fuel supply, they can have other issues:

  • No hot water could mean a blown fuse, broken heating element, or a tripped switch.
  • Not enough hot water could mean loose wiring, low temperature setting or a malfunctioning heating element.
  • Water that’s too hot could result from inappropriate thermostat setting.
  • If the heater’s breaker trips, it could be due to a short circuit, grounding problem or water leak.

Water leaking from the tank or any other problem means that professional service is needed. For prompt, accurate and affordable repair of water heating systems in Prattville, AL, contact our team of plumbing experts at Air Conditioning by Luquire.

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