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What do Full Service Plumbing Contractors Do?

Plumbing contractors have a very important role in making sure businesses and homeowners have access to clean, fresh water and properly functioning drainage systems. Many people don’t realize how reliant they are on the consistency of their plumbing until something goes wrong. Without plumbers, everyone’s quality of living would be greatly affected.

Construction Services

Whether it is a remodel, residential or commercial construction job, plumbers are an essential part of the construction crew. They have the knowledge and understanding of the local code requirements and water systems. Plumbers working in construction should also be able to follow blueprints. The types of work that plumbers provide for construction services include:

  • Install external fixtures and appliances like toilets, laundry machines and faucets
  • Connect the internal pipes of a building to an external source like your city’s water system or a well and a septic tank
  • Determine where pipes will be laid and install all of them throughout the building
  • Hook up the internal piping to external household fixtures like showers, sinks and washing machines
  • Handle gas lines for cooking and heating

Repair Services

Full service plumbers provide a variety of repair services. They may be called upon to replace old piping and repair breaks. Plumbers may also be called to fix a leaky faucet, unclog a toilet, check on old pipes, unclog drains and garbage disposals, tree root removal and the replacement of appliances. These appliances include: water heaters, toilets, faucets, sinks, tub, showers and sewage ejector pumps.

Preventative Maintenance

Another service that technicians offer is preventative maintenance. With preventative maintenance, you can protect your home or business from costly repairs and future catastrophes. The work that’s typically done during scheduled maintenance include:

  • Check tanks and toilets for leaks
  • Inspect your sump, sewer and laundry pumps
  • Check for gas leaks by inspecting all gas connections and testing emergency gas valves
  • Inspect the relief valve, thermostat, burner assembly, gas, electrical connection and flue pipes of your water heater

If you’re looking for hardworking full service contractors who value quality workmanship and excellent customer service, then contact us today. We are just a phone call away; you can reach us 24 hours a day for emergency services. Our company has been providing services to homeowners and businesses throughout Prattville, AL and the surrounding areas for many years. All of our technicians are licensed, insured and have the knowledge to complete any residential or commercial job. Contact AC by Luquire today for additional information.

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