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Why Choose a Smart Thermostat for Your Montgomery, AL, Home?

Smart Thermostat

In the current technological age, everything is embedded with smart technology. Smart thermostats are some of the most popular devices among homeowners today. Consider the following reasons to choose a smart thermostat for your Montgomery, AL home:

Save Money

A smart thermostat can adjust your home’s temperatures and automatically pre-set temperatures at certain times. Depending on how you use the thermostat, its efficiency allows you to save an average of $140 annually. It’s not only an excellent way to save money, but it’s also an energy-efficient utility.

Save Energy

The energy-saving component of a smart thermostat is one of its most significant advantages. A thermostat that’s smart comes with energy-efficient settings that allow you to keep your home cool while saving energy.

If you’re out of home for a long time, you can program the thermostat to adjust your home temperatures accordingly. These temperatures are referred to as vacation temperatures. This setting won’t only save energy while you’re away from home but also allows you to return to a comfortable environment.

Enjoy Remote Access

A smart thermostat allows you to access its settings remotely. It’s an exciting feature that allows you to adjust temperatures in your home while you’re away. You get to save energy and keep your home comfortable. Additionally, you can receive alerts and notifications when there are problems with your HVAC unit.

Analyze Your Energy Usage

A new smart thermostat allows you to compile energy usage data from your home. Different appliances in your home have different energy requirements. This type of thermostat generates reports on your monthly cooling and heating usage. As a result, it helps you to budget and conserve energy in the future.

Air Conditioning by Luquire is here to make your home comfortable this summer. Contact our service technicians to have us install and maintain your thermostat today.

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