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Why Does My Air Conditioner Freeze?

The outside air coil, compressor and refrigerant lines can become frozen, or encrusted with ice, if your air conditioning system is not operating properly. The problem can occur when the system does not receive routine maintenance on a regular basis or experiences a mechanical failure.

A Refrigerant Leak

The most common cause of ice accumulation is an insufficient level of refrigerant inside the unit due to tiny holes, which allow the gas to escape. The cold side of the AC system will drop below the point where moisture in and around the coil will freeze. It is important to know that only a qualified service technician can add refrigerant to your system. These highly trained specialists can pinpoint the source of the leak and correct the problem as well.

Fan Malfunction

If the fan does not operate properly, there will be insufficient airflow across the coil. This may occur when the temperature of the coil drops and the compressor continues to run, circulating coolant. If the temperature of the coil drops below freezing, ice will develop. This problem can occur due to a malfunctioning fan motor or switch.

During the maintenance checks, our experienced technicians inspect the fan, motor and electrical switches. This enables our team to identify potential problem areas before your system experiences a serious issue. We will also remove dirt and grime that can accumulate on the condenser coil and block airflow. Prattville AL homeowners can protect their AC systems by performing some routine maintenance as well. In addition to removing debris from your outside unit, we recommend that you change your filters on a monthly basis. Your owner’s manual will illustrate where the filters are located, how to change them and the proper size replacement filters to purchase.

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat or one that is set too low can cause your AC unit to run continuously. This excess operation may also cause the temperature of the condenser and coils to drop below freezing. Set the thermostat a few degrees above or below the current room temperature. This should cause the HVAC unit to cycle on and off more frequently. If the unit continues to run, the thermostat may be malfunctioning.

Low Ambient Temperature

Running your air conditioning when the outside air temperature is less than 60 degrees can also cause the system to develop ice. In these instances, it is better to open windows than to run your AC system. If you notice that your unit is encrusted with ice, shut it off immediately to avoid further damage. Contact our friendly staff at AC by Luquire and schedule a convenient time for one of our service technicians to inspect your AC in Prattville AL. We will diagnose and correct the problem so that your system provides the best possible performance.

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