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Why You Don’t Want to Skip Fall HVAC Maintenance in Cecil, AL

Fall HVAC Maintenance

Every HVAC system in Cecil, AL, needs fall maintenance for multiple reasons. This guide breaks down what fall HVAC maintenance involves, the benefits of scheduling it and how the service helps you in the long run.

Fall HVAC Maintenance Details

Two types of maintenance services are available for HVAC systems. One service prepares the system for the spring and summer, and the other gets the equipment ready for fall and winter.

Fall and spring maintenance routines are completely different. During fall maintenance, a service technician checks every component that controls heating functions. Spring maintenance routines focus on an air conditioning system’s cooling hardware.

Benefits of Fall Maintenance

When an HVAC unit blasts heat into a home, the indoor air quality will change if the system has a dirty filter. If you ignore maintenance and continue to run your HVAC unit throughout the fall and winter while the filter is dirty, some contaminants will bypass it. Once this happens, your HVAC system’s performance will drop. If heavy clusters of dust cover vital parts, the entire unit will break down.

Most HVAC problems develop inside and around the outdoor unit. In the spring and summer, any stray twigs and leaves that are too close to an outside unit can alter its performance. During a fall maintenance routine, a service technician inspects the area around the outdoor unit and its internal components and corrects all problems.

Why Fall Maintenance is Worth the Investment

Fall HVAC maintenance is a smart investment. That’s because it’ll help you save money on utility bills and extend the lifespan of your unit. After a service technician optimizes your system for fall and winter conditions, it’ll run more efficiently and use less energy. Fall maintenance is the best way to catch minor problems early before they have a chance to create situations that will require costly repairs.

To schedule fall maintenance for your HVAC system, contact Air Conditioning by Luquire. We don’t cut corners during maintenance jobs or charge overtime fees.

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