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Why Doesn’t My Heat Pump in Shorter, AL, Ever Stop Running?

heat pump located in the back yard

Running constantly is one of the most common heat pump anomalies. However, there are instances when an efficient system can also run constantly. This article will explain why your heat pump in Shorter, AL, operates without taking breaks.

You Have a Variable-Speed Heat Pump

Manufacturers design variable-speed heat pumps to offer the highest levels of efficiency and comfort. These systems focus on maintaining comfortable temperatures at all times. Therefore, they work continuously rather than starting a heating cycle only when your home becomes too cold. While you may assume that variable-speed heat pumps consume a lot of energy because they run constantly, these systems are more energy efficient than single- and two-stage heat pumps.

Temperatures Are Too Low

Heat pumps create a warm indoor environment by transferring warm air from outside rather than generating it. Therefore, if it’s too cold outside, your heat pump will work for an extended period to achieve the temperatures you set on the thermostat.

Outdoor Condenser Unit Is Dirty

The condenser unit is the outdoor part of your system. This component plays a vital role in the temperature regulation process because it absorbs heat from the environment.

If leaves, debris, dust and other contaminants accumulate on this unit, they prevent it from absorbing enough heat from the surroundings. Consequently, your heat pump takes more time to meet your temperature needs. Schedule maintenance services to allow a service technician to clean your heat pump’s components.

Your Air Filter Is Filthy

When an air filter catches multiple impurities, those impurities prevent air from flowing freely into your heat pump. As a result, the system runs incessantly as it attempts to draw more air. Clean or change your air filter every two months.

Have our service technicians confirm why your system runs nonstop and have them fix any problems they find. Contact Air Conditioning by Luquire if you’re looking for professional heat pump services. Our team of experts will address all inefficiencies to restore your system’s optimal performance.

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