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Why Does My Main Sewer Line in Montgomery, AL, Keep Clogging?

Scheduling Main Sewer Line Repair

Clogged sewer lines are among the most prevalent issues in plumbing systems. Devoid of proper maintenance and repair, blocked sewer lines cause massive health hazards and property damage. Below are top reasons your main sewer line in in Montgomery, AL, keeps clogging.

Tree Roots

Firstly, tree roots grow and expand in search of water and helpful nutrients. Subsequently, small cracks within the main sewer lines promote tree root penetration.

The tree roots spread and elongate in the sewer lines’ interior structure, obstructing drainage. Additionally, root expansion within the sewer line causes hazardous sewage backup. In worse cases, excessive root invasion might cause the main sewer line to rupture.

Frequent inspection detects even the smallest cracks so you can prevent tree root invasion. Camera inspection services also identify any damage in the plumbing system arising from root growth.

Grease Accumulation

Improper food disposal is a common reason for clogged sewer lines. Typically, oils, fats and grease are water-insoluble. Consequently, these oils solidify within the drains, restraining water flow.

It’s best if you get a separate jar for getting rid of grease. Once the grease solidifies, dispose of it in a trash can. If your kitchen drain keeps clogging, work with a plumbing specialist.

Sagging Line

Sagging sewer lines occur due to underground soil shifts. Old sewer lines are more prone to sagging. Bellied sewer pipes immensely hinder drainage, resulting in sewage backup.

Essentially, sagging sewer lines require professional plumbing maintenance. Routine inspection and maintenance are vital for the early detection and prevention of this issue.

Damaged Sewer Line

Finally, excessive destruction on the sewer pipes is another leading reason for recurrent clogs. Corrosion causes gradual decay of the interior pipe surface. Decay and corrosion are particularly common for older sewer line systems.

A well-maintained main sewer line is secure from recurring clogs and premature aging. Contact Air Conditioning by Luquire for excellent plumbing installation, inspection and repair services.

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