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7 Signs of an Inefficient Heating System

Inefficient Heating

As winter approaches, you want your home in Wetumpka, Alabama, to remain warm and comfortable. At the same time, you want to keep your energy bills within reasonable limits. For that, though, you need a heating system that operates with maximum efficiency. Here are seven common signs that indicate your heating system is inefficient and you need to repair or replace it:

Higher Utility Bills

An inefficient heating system uses a lot of energy. As a result, it’ll lead to higher utility bills. So if you’ve seen a recent increase in them that doesn’t quite tally with your regular usage and is high in comparison to the previous year’s costs, it may be a sign of a malfunctioning system. Contact a reputable HVAC company and have them check your heating system. They may be able to resolve the issue with a tuneup.

Heating Takes Longer

If your home interior is taking longer to warm up to a comfortable level, it’s a clear sign that your heating system isn’t operating as it should. There could be several reasons for that, such as a malfunctioning thermostat, a blown fuse or some other issue.

Variable Indoor Temperatures

With a well-functioning heating system, you should enjoy consistent temperature levels throughout your house. If you experience hot or cold spots in different areas, it’s a sign of system inefficiency.

If you have a boiler system, you may have an air leak that’s causing an airlock and preventing water from passing through the distribution system. Or you may have a failing hot water zone valve that’s leaking hot water.

If you have a furnace or heat pump, ask an HVAC service technician to check the ductwork. They can also inspect the rest of the heater.

Increased Repair Frequency

A heating system that requires frequent repairs has endured added strain. Most furnaces can last between 15 and 25 years. If you’re calling an HVAC company frequently for repairs, you have an inefficient system that can no longer work at an optimum level. That’s usually the case when it’s older than 20 years and becomes progressively less reliable. The sooner you start saving for a new heater, the better.

Orange, Red or Limp Burner Flames

When your gas furnace is working efficiently, you’ll see small blue flames on the gas burner. Call an experienced HVAC service technician to check the system if you notice orange, red or limp burner flames. Orange or red means your heating system isn’t converting all the fuel into heat and is wasting much of it. Limp flames, meanwhile, point toward inefficiency in the combustion process.

Weird Odors

A persistent odor of burning rubber or plastic isn’t something you should ignore. Turn off the heating system at once and get on the phone to call an HVAC company. The smell could mean a critical electrical issue that has damaged and burned the system’s interior rubber or plastic components.

Strange Noises

A heating system that’s in good order will operate relatively quietly. If you start hearing strange clanging, banging, screeching or moaning sounds, they may indicate components that are loose, worn or close to breaking down. Call an HVAC service technician to check everything and decide if replacing them is the answer. You may even need to install a new heating system.

If you notice any of the above issues with your heating system, talk to a professional HVAC service technician. They can visit your house to check things and make the necessary recommendations. For a professional opinion about maintaining, fixing or replacing your heating system, get in touch with Air Conditioning by Luquire. You can call us at 334-230-5870. We’ll make sure your system works as it should this winter.

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